Why Group Counseling?

According to Yalom (2005), individuals who participate in 12 or more group counseling sessions demonstrated significant clinical improvement compared to those who did not attend group counseling. Additionally, when paired with individual therapy, clients were three times more likely to reduce symptoms.

Referring Clients to Group Counseling?

The referring Clinician strongly influences client engagement in group counseling.  Clients who perceive the referring clinician as authentic in their belief about group counseling are 65% more likely to participate as compared to 12% participation when clients sense disbelieve in treatment outcomes by the clinician (Parcover, Dunton, Gehlert, & Mitchel; 2006).  Clinicians can help to reduce initial resistance and fear by discussing the benefits of pairing individual and group counseling and by addressing common myths and fears such as, “they won’t understand me,” “It feels unsafe to share myself with others,” or “it feels too overwhelming.”

Why Participate in Group Counseling as a Clinician?

By participating in group work with other professionals in the helping fields, you will better understand the process of group work and how it may benefit your professional practice or personal growth.